As an operator in the luxury goods industry, delivering dreams and beauty to the world, ARCARIUS has a duty to protect the quality of water and soil and the diversity of animal and plant life that we channel into our products and which are essential for the future of mankind. 

This environmental imperative is an integral part of our strategy, just like quality or creativity.

Caring for the environment is not just a civic commitment for the company:

it is also a key factor for progress and competitiveness. In fact, the luxury goods sector transcends the beauty of nature.
ARCARIUS use natural raw materials, which are often rare and exceptional, to manufacture their products. Like innovation, creativity or the quality of execution, environmental performance is key to us, and is closely linked to its values of excellence, sustainability, and transmission of expertise.
The environmental performance is a cornerstone of our strategy, and works on this issue in accordance with exacting requirements, buoyed by the conviction that it must aim to set an example.

To be sustainable means to satisfy needs in the present without compromising future generations

 It means adopting a balanced approach that, though aimed at prosperity and a high quality of life, guarantees social justice and maintains the Planet’s ability to sustain life in all its varieties.

 Economic, social and environment sustainability are important for us.

We integrated environmental performance since the design stage, our design was conceived in a way that the metal will always be there as the basis, making it possible to change the outside appearance whenever we want to have a new aspect of the safe, making our product really “eternal”

Our electronic is 100% produced by us, so that we can guarantee our customers spare parts and upgrades with no time limit.

 We control our raw materials, as an example: all the wood we use is from sustainable forest and with controlled change of custody; the metal we use is 100% aluminium.

We develop the use of new sustainable products like pineapple leather “piñatex” and others. All our suppliers are environmental and social responsable, approved and certified.

We control the CO2 impact and our our process.


There have been important advances in all areas of hotel services but none to speak of in personal guest security. Hotel safes have been considered as a commodity, unworthy of the same consideration as the TV, sound system or coffee maker, despite the fact that for many guests, particularly those in luxury hotels, the safe holds a greater importance.
These days it makes no sense at all that in a three-star hotel you find the same sort of safe that you find in a luxury hotel.
This needs to change. Customers need to be awed and rewarded with a tactile, hedonistic experience. They want a beautiful safe in which to keep their most valuable belongings.