I was lucky enough to inherit a second-generation safe and security business. As you may know, in the early days hotels kept safes in the reception areas in order to exchange money for their guests, and, as many clients were not comfortable with carrying cash, for safe keeping. The reception staff used to write their names on envelopes and keep their valuables (mostly cash) inside the safe.

As time passed, large hotels found it difficult to keep track of so many envelopes, causing discomfort and inconvenience for their customers. Some hotels started to invest in column-style safes, the same as the ones you would find in banks. It was a good solution but had its faults, as robberies did occur, making customers nervous.

After this some hotels started to invest in room safes with a bank lock. Later on, the bank lock disappeared and was changed to a simple lock. Then came the cheap, electronic ‘Made in China’ safes.

There have been important advances in all areas of hotel services, but none that have been directed at the safe. Many hoteliers consider safes as a commodity, unworthy of the same consideration as the TV, sound system or coffee maker, despite the fact that for many guests, particularly those in luxury hotels, the safe holds a greater importance.

It’s common knowledge just how insecure hotel safes are, you can see examples of this on You Tube.

To me, it is illogical that you find the same type of safe in a three-star hotel that you would find in a luxury hotel. It’s also nonsensical for luxury hotels to offer their customers the latest in bathrooms and beds, but what amounts to a tin can for them to store their valuables in. It’s like parking a Ferrari in a wooden shed.

This needs to change. Customers need an experience, to be awed and rewarded with a special, beautiful safe in which to keep their most valuable belongings.

Our safes provide an experience; the sound of the knob turning, the feeling of their mechanical strength, the quality and softness of the interior, illuminated with a warm led light; these details create a heightened hedonist experience.

Christian Perdomo, CEO ARCARIUS