Why Arcarius?

Consumer insight shows that technology, security and design are all integral to the luxury hotel experience. ARCARIUS is a world-leader in all three areas.

The most valuable object for a guest maybe a watch, a piece of jewellery, or something of more sentimental value. Whatever the treasured object, the guest needs to know that their valuables will be protected to the highest possible standards.
Would you park a Ferrari in an everyday wooden shed? Or would you stow it securely, using the finest technology?. 

ARCARIUS responds to a neglected need in the luxury hotel sector – the safe.

Why can’t we offer our guests a more sensual experience by choosing a hotel safe that matches the beauty of the room it is in?
Why do you find the same unattractive and insecure safes in a luxury hotel as you would in the 3-star hotel?
Why is the safe not considered a design element in a luxury hotel?
Why can’t a high-security safe be a thing of beauty?

Next generation safes

The essential elements we find hotel room have been redefined by the luxury industry. Think of the coffee maker, the sound system, the television and the shower. Today, nothing less that the latest generation and most prestigious brand names will suffice in order to seduce a traveller whose concept of luxury is finely tuned to modern design aesthetics and cutting edge technology.

ARCARIUS expresses this zeitgeist in what has until now been an overlooked object  – the hotel safe.

ARCARIUS safes are conceived to create experiences; moments that are recorded in the memory of the hotel guest.

Incorporating Italian design, German engineering, fine craftsmanship and the most advanced security systems available. They stimulate the senses with innovation, technology and aesthetic appeal.

ARCARIUS takes the hotel safe out of the wardrobe. It is a beautiful design object that can be placed in full view, blends in effortlessly with any decor, and instils a sense of confidence and ease-of-use in the guest.


There have been important advances in all areas of hotel services but none to speak of in personal guest security. Hotel safes have been considered as a commodity, unworthy of the same consideration as the TV, sound system or coffee maker, despite the fact that for many guests, particularly those in luxury hotels, the safe holds a greater importance.
These days it makes no sense at all that in a three-star hotel you find the same sort of safe that you find in a luxury hotel.
This needs to change. Customers need to be awed and rewarded with a tactile, hedonistic experience. They want a beautiful safe in which to keep their most valuable belongings.

Hotel safes today

Unsafe safes, easy to open and remove.
Certified safes by VDS German Institute of Security, with alarm and sensors.
Hotel staff responsability.
We take care of the entire security chain. All safes are monitorised by Arcarius
Hotel safes are the same in 3 and 5 star hotels
Innovative new generation safes for hotels.
Guest do not trust hotel safes.
Guest control their safe via an app and are informed of any movements.
Hotel safes are all the same.
We integrate safes into hotel decor.
Public known mastercodes and masterkeys copies.
Hotel Staff do not have access to masterkeys and mastercodes.
Many objects are left behind by hotel guest inside the safe.
Arcarius safes detect when a hotel guest has left something behind, alerting then at check-out.
Complicated keypad.
Special user friendly interface.
Most of the hotel safes in the market are very low quality products.
Our products are made in Germany with the highest standards.
Room Invasion Robbery.
Panic Password activate Silent Alarm.